Our Technology


The ideal solution to highlight your products. Distinguish your products with better quality lighting.

Exilis smart LED

Extra savings of up to 60% of the consumption of normal LED by having motion and light sensors integrated.

Exterior lighting

Universal and smart lighting with the highest efficiency in the market and point-to-point remote control with Programmable Logic Controller integrated into the driver. Meets the standards, and increases savings with up to 85% compared to conventional technology.

Flood lights

Ideal product for installation in sports facilities, compatible with EXILIS technology. A different solution for the specific regulation.

High bays

Stellar product in the logistics and industrial sector thanks to the integrated motion and presence sensors. Avoids glare and increases uniformity in the workplace.

IP 65/66

Take advantage of having an effective and complete solution with easy and compatible EXILIS power supply.

Linear lighting

Get a solution that stands out for its aesthetic design with a lighting product that can be assembled together. Save on installation costs and take advantage of the EXILIS driver. This can be assembled in a range of different facilities. Download technical PDF


The solution that includes elegant design and easy installation in a product that is compatible with all the advantages of the EXILIS power supply. Control, program and regulate the lighting to your taste.

Street lighting

Universal and smart lighting with the highest efficiency in the market and point to point remote control with a PLC integrated driver. Complies with regulation & standards and increases savings by up to 85%.

Track lights

Ideal for retail outlets and display requirements. Maximize the results of your products with the different colors, potency, and angles that we offer. The best lighting quality with products up to 95 CRI (high Color Rendering Index).


Crystal tubes with PET protection that avoids particle detachment when it breaks. Maximum adjustable efficiency tubes with internal and external power supply. Compatible tubes with electronic ballast. Fit and forget.