Upgrade YOUR lighting to LED with ZERO Investment

Switch to Airis LED Lighting to enjoy quality lighting with the longest lifespan, industry-leading efficiency and zero replacement costs.

Get a FREE LED Lighting Proposal!

Upgrade your business with ZERO investment.

Brighten Your Business’ Future with LED Lighting

We want to show businesses in your area just what Airis LED lights can do for them. That’s why we’re selecting two businesses in the area for a special offer:

We will replace these companies’ existing lighting with Airis LED Lighting … for NO MORE than what they already spend on their current electric bill.

We’re convinced that the businesses we select will be so satisfied with their improved lighting, improved utility bills, and lighter ecological footprint—that they’ll be willing to share their results with surrounding businesses. 

Want to see if you can obtain Airis LED Lights for your business with ZERO investment?

Why Upgrade to LED?

  • No effect on your cashflow
  • Experience up to 8% increase in sales
  • Osha Standards compliant
  • Higher foot traffic
  • Zero maintenance cost
  • More light and better company image
  • 4% increase in employee productivity
  • Reduced liability
  • Reduced handling mistakes


Give YOUR company a brighter, more productive, and eco-friendly future!

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Get a FREE LED Lighting Proposal!

Upgrade your business with ZERO investment.