Tired of your home electricity bills climbing each month?

Go solar with zero investment and save up to 100% on your energy bill from day one.

Install your solar energy system with Airis to enjoy exclusive drill-free roof installation and full funding with 0% interest. We handle everything, from a free assessment to maintenance.

Why change to solar now?

If you are planning on going solar – Now is the right time to do so! Don’t miss out on the full 30% tax credit this year!

With Airis, you can go Solar with zero investment and save up to 100% from day one! Waiting to go solar in your home equals waiting to save money on your energy bill.

Go Solar today, Free Your Home From High Energy Bills With Solar Power.

 Airis SolarMarket
How much will I save?Up to 100% from day oneMost companies won’t offer to offset 100% of energy usage
Is maintenance covered?Airis offer full maintenance serviceService visits are additional
Energy efficiencyAiris will take actions (including new equipment) to reduce energy usage.Other solar companies prefer to sell you bigger solar projects

Why Airis Solar?

Airis has nearly 10 years of experience designing and installing residential photo-voltaic systems worldwide. With subsidiaries in eighteen countries, we are a global leader in the renewable-energy industry, and yet provide a very personal service!

Benefits of going solar

Go Solar Today

You have the chance to be one step ahead and join the innovators around the world.

Solar PV (photovoltaic) systems provide a mini-power plant that will produce electricity for years to come and require good planning and execution.

Our Offer

Airis will do all the work that might take 6 different companies: energy audit, analysis, design, engineering, installation and service.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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We make going solar easy, from panel design to installation, financing and monitoring. We do it all so you can focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

We have over 230 PV plants installed in the world and the experience to help your business change to a renewable and environmentally friendly energy system.

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