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Cut your electric bills up to 100%—starting today.

Go Green and Save Money With Solar Power in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Switching to solar energy is good news for both the environment and your bottom line.

Discover some of the solar panel Fort Lauderdale, FL benefits.

Slash your electricity bills from day 1 of going solar.

Don’t pay it all up front. Enjoy competitive financing and experience an immediate return on investment.

From manufacturing to installation, servicing to maintenance—we’re with you every step of the way.

We’ll provide 20 years of preventive and corrective maintenance.

Switching to solar means saying goodbye to greenhouse gases and hello to a brighter future.

Take advantage of proven solutions from a team that’s completed 2,000+ LED lighting and solar projects in over 40 countries.

Create a Brighter Future… Today!

Get a quote that includes pricing & system options, financing, annual savings, project visuals and more.

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Airis Energy

Go-to Company for Solar Power in Fort Lauderdale

Endless Sunshine Means Endless Savings When You Install Solar Panels in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Time to take advantage of Fort Lauderdale, FL’s 237 days of sunshine.

Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

Installing a solar panel system is one of the best ways to increase your property value. Solar is not only a smart energy choice—it’s a smart investment.

Custom and Competitive Financing Options

We’ll help you find competitive financing options to suit your budget. With the energy savings you’ll get, your solar power system will pay for itself.

Sell and Buy Back Power With FLP Net Metering

Generating more power than you use? Your bidirectional meter automatically delivers it to the grid. It’s simple, hassle-free, and dollar smart.

Depreciation Benefits for Businesses

Business owners can take advantage of the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) for qualifying solar equipment.

Hassle-Free Solar Panel Ownership in Fort Lauderdale, FL

We provide preventive and corrective maintenance for the next 20 years—at no additional cost.

Enjoy Solar Incentives

There are many tax credit policies and rebates that make switching to solar very appealing. These include:

  • The federal solar investment tax credit (ITC).
  • Solar system property tax exemption.
  • A 6% home solar system sales tax exemption.
  • The ability to sell and buy back electricity with FLP net metering.

Your Turnkey Solar Solution

As a one-stop-shop Florida solar company, we’ve got you covered from start to finish. 

We provide a range of maintenance services to ensure your system is always functioning at peak performance.

With over 2,000 solar projects completed across 40 countries, it’s no wonder more and more Fort Lauderdale residents are turning to Airis Energy for their solar power needs.


Projects completed successfully


Years of experience installing energy-efficient systems


Year product warranty


Year full-service guarantee

Better Quality, Better Prices, Less Work

You only get the best with Airis. We manufacture world-class solar panels that stand up to blustering winds, heavy rains, and fiery sunshine.

These panels are rigorously tested to outlast the competition. With our panels, your system will last twice as long.

Ditch Fossil Fuels for a Healthier Earth

Going solar means saying “No” to unnecessary pollution. It means better air quality, less environmental damage, and a big reduction in your carbon footprint. 

Just one solar panel generating 2.5kW of power is equivalent to planting 100 trees per year. Here’s to a brighter future with solar.

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Make Your Solar Dream a Reality With Airis Energy

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We provide unique solar solutions tailored to your needs.

Book your assessment now and receive your estimate or proposal within 24 hours or less.

We make solar panel installation fast, easy, and headache-free.

We believe the best choices are informed choices. Contact us anytime for guidance or assistance.

Go solar today and show that you care about the environment.

Ready to get started? Experience the best solar energy Fort Lauderdale, Florida has to offer.

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You’ll Be Glad You Switched to Solar

Don’t settle for anything but the best Fort Lauderdale solar panels. Make the switch today for a brighter tomorrow.

We make going solar easy!

Get a quote that includes pricing & system options, financing, annual savings, project visuals and more.