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Save 100% on your electricity bill starting Day 1.

Reduce Your Energy Bills and Your Environmental Impact With Solar Panels in Florida

As one of the best solar companies in Florida, Airis Energy makes switching to solar power a breeze—from assessment and installation to monitoring and maintenance.

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Endless Sunshine Means Endless Savings With Florida Solar Panels

Going solar in Florida can offer unbeatable return on investment and a dependable energy source for your home or business.

Too Much Power? Sell it Back

Generating more electricity than you can use? With the Net Metering program, you can sell energy back to the grid and earn credits worth thousands.

Financial Assistance, Designed for You

Unlike other Florida solar installers we’ll help you find competitive financing rates so you don’t have to stretch your budget to make the switch to solar.

Increase Your Property’s Resale Value

Commercial and residential solar panels in Florida increase the resale value of your property—without increasing your property tax.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Installing a single solar panel is equivalent to planting 100 trees every year. Reduce your environmental impact while saving thousands of dollars on energy costs.

Leading Solar Power Company in Florida

Savings From Day 1 With Solar Power in Florida

Find out how much you could be saving every month with a solar system in Florida.

Unlock the Tax Credits You Are Owed

You could be taking advantage of federal and state benefits by switching to solar power:

  • FPL Net Metering
  • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
  • Solar System Property Tax Exemption
  • Home Solar System Sales Tax Exemption
  • Depreciation Benefits

Unlike other solar companies in South Florida, we’ll help you improve your bottom line.

10+ Years

Experience completing commercial and residential solar power projects

Up to 100%

Savings from day 1

2.5 kW

Generated by one solar panel in Florida which is like planting 100 trees annually


Projects completed successfully worldwide

Your One-Stop-Shop for Business and Home Solar Panels in Florida

As a turnkey solar solutions provider, Airis Energy has got your project covered from start to finish.

It all begins with a free assessment followed by fast and efficient installation. We provide corrective and preventative maintenance to ensure your system is always performing at its peak.

With 2,000+ jobs completed in 40 countries over the last 25 years, it’s little wonder that more Florida residents are partnering with one of the best solar panel companies in Florida.

How Much Can You Save With a Solar Power System in Florida?

Get your questions answered, eliminate the knowns of going solar, and make an informed decision.

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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Florida?

There’s never been a better time to switch to solar power. 

Solar panel technology has never been more affordable, thanks to federal and state tax credits, rebates, and Airis.

Take advantage of our:

  • Price Match Guarantee
  • 10-year product warranty
  • 20-year maintenance coverage

Access preferential financing options you won’t get with other solar companies in Florida.

Trust Airis Energy, a Leading Solar Company in Florida Since 1996

Stop wasting money on energy bills. Invest in your future with commercial and residential solar panels in Florida.

There’s never been a better time to get solar energy in Florida.

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