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Zero upfront capital investment. Zero installation costs. Zero maintenance hassle. Reduce energy consumption the Airis way.

Why businesses like yours choose Airis Energy:

With a smart lighting upgrade.

We’ll take care of everything from design to installation to maintenance.

By switching to LED lights.

That’s customized for your office.

From a team that’s completed 2000+ projects in over 40 countries.

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Upgrade Your Business With Energy Efficient Lighting

Benefits of Lighting as a Service

Shine the light on easy energy savings with lighting as a service

Net Savings From Day One

Upgrade to next-gen LED lighting without any capital investment or installation fees and start reaping the rewards instantly.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Slash energy waste with LED lights that are up to 95% more energy-efficient than traditional lighting and last 75,000 hours.

Beat Unpredictable Energy Costs

Reduce operating expenses and insulate your business against rising energy costs with customized contracts.

A Better Ownership Experience

Enjoy hassle-free ownership with up to 20 years of maintenance and guarantee included in your contract fee.

Lighting the Way in Over 40 Countries

Get honest, transparent service from a team that helps 2,000+ businesses thrive

Lighting as a Service: Now That's a Light Bulb Moment

Enable a brighter future with next-gen LED lighting, hassle-free ownership, and predictable pricing. 

Install cutting-edge LED lighting solutions at your premises that aren’t just better than traditional light bulbs, they’re up to 50% more energy efficient compared to other LED lighting technologies.

Show off your environmental credentials in an evermore environmentally conscious world with Airis Energy.

Worry-Free Pricing

Going green isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for your bottom line.

Stop fluctuating energy prices from taking control of your monthly expenses and cash flow positive.

Pay a fixed monthly fee that’s lower than your energy bill and includes everything. 

That means you don’t have to worry when energy prices fluctuate, or when you need to call someone for maintenance.

Enjoy fixed, predictable monthly pricing that lets you plan ahead.

Exceptional Customer Service

Next-gen lighting comes with next-gen customer service. 

Receive professional customer service every time you call or call a technician on-site. With 2,000+ projects completed successfully, our team knows how to make customers happy.

Reduce hassle with ongoing after-sales service. We’ll monitor your system, perform routine maintenance, and tell you how you can maximize savings. 

Gain access to a dedicated project manager who’s just a phone call away. Benefit from professionally managed projects when you work with one of the leading lighting as a service providers in North America.

26+ Years

Helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint


Projects completed successfully across 40 countries

10 Year

Product warranty

Up to 95%

Energy savings compared to traditional light bulbs

Replace Old, Inefficient Lighting and Discover Savings From Day 1

Improve your bottom line while reducing your carbon footprint with next-gen LED lighting.

Why Airis is one of the top lighting as a service companies:

That enhances your space and fits your needs.

With state-of-the-art lighting and hassle-free lighting as a service.

With lighting solutions proven to boost productivity and profitability.

Through LED lighting that’s up to 95% more energy efficient.

That will change bulbs, answer your questions, and help you save.

Ready to go green? Contact us to arrange for a free consultation and discover how solutions designed by a lighting industry leader can transform your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The lighting as a service business model refers to a service in which instead of buying lighting fixtures and paying a monthly bill, you pay a single fixed amount every month.

Lighting as a service allows you to completely eliminate the cost and hassle of maintaining your lights while upgrading your lighting to the most energy-efficient technologies.

Airis will assess your commercial building for lighting, make recommendations about the lights you should get, and install them. Our team also takes care of system monitoring and maintenance, so you don’t even need to change bulbs yourself.

With our light services, you pay a monthly fee, which includes everything from design through to maintenance (including installation, hardware, service, etc.). 

That fee represents the entire cost of the service. That means there’s no upfront capital investment or installation fee. LaaS is a great option for companies that want to undertake a major lighting update without having to make a big capital investment.

This is one business upgrade you don’t need financing for. There are no upfront capital costs when you get lighting as a service from Airis. 

Talk to our team to find out exactly how much you’ll start saving from day 1.


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