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The Airis Advantage

Benefits of AIRIS

Airis Industry-Leading Efficiency 130 l/w

Industry Leading Efficiency 130 Lumen/Watt

Airis Proprietary Technology

AIRIS Proprietary Lighting Technology

Airis Longest Lifespan 75000 Hours

Longest Lifespan 75,000 hours

Airis Manufactured Products

AIRIS Manufactured Products

Airis Top Savings on Electricity Bill

Top Savings

Airis Self-Payment Plan

Self Payment Plan (no upfront costs)

Airis Custom Tailored Projects

Custom Tailored Projects

Airis Best-In-Class Warranty

Best-in-Class Warranty

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Benefits of AIRIS LED

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Monitors a room’s natural light and motion to maximize efficiency - 100% programmable

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Better light quality - no infrared, no ultraviolet, and no flickering

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No polluting gases, no mercury and lead-free

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CO2 Reduction

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Use up to 90% less electricity

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60%-90% less heat emission

(save on AC)

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(unlike fluorescent bulbs)

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75,000 hours

(1,200 for incandescent bulbs and 8,000 for compact fluorescent bulbs)

Watch this short video to see how Airis Smart LED lighting technology can benefit your business.

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Airis has nearly 20 years of experience in lighting technology. With subsidiaries in eighteen countries and over 2000 installations, we are a global leader in the industry.


We can promise you a best-in-class experience and dedicated, knowledgeable customer service.

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