Choosing AIRIS LED lighting can make a car dealership more profitable & eye-catching

Choosing AIRIS LED lights can make a car dealership more profitable and eye-catching.

In this post, we will be looking at the importance of adding light and choosing the right kind of light source for indoor car dealerships.


car dealership more profitable

Imagine walking into a car dealer. It has the same old blueish tube lighting that has been used in factories and warehouses for decades. You are looking to buy a new car for yourself or your family. The light is dim, a couple of the tubes are flickering. The colors seem cold and artificial. Here and there you encounter some halogen spotlights that reflect off the cars and make you squint. Do you feel comfortable that this is the right dealership for you?



The challenges

Car dealerships of all sizes face several different lighting challenges.

The most important area for customers is, of course, the showroom. A great designed showroom allows for the cars to be displayed from their best side. It will show off the cars’ colors, paint texture, and visual features flawlessly. At the same time, any car dealer would want to avoid annoying glare and uncomfortable reflections, which could make the experience less than desirable for the customer.

car dealership more profitable
Image by Lakey Cornelius from Pixabay

Though not necessarily very severe, another aspect is the type of light being used. The paint on the cars can be susceptible to the heat and UV rays radiating from a plethora of halogen spotlights. Consider this: one 100-watt halogen lamp generates 3.5 watts of light and a whopping 96.5 watts of heat! And a 50-watt halogen spotlight has been measured to radiate almost 200℉ at a distance of 12 inches. The halogen lamp producing 1000 lumens consumes 50 watts, while an equivalent LED lamp – also producing 1000 lumens – only consumes about 11 watts. 


The important technical aspects

LED lights with a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90 and above, as well as a light level between 800 and 1100 lux, help provide the optimal lighting conditions for the appreciation of the color shades. Careful consideration of placement and type of lighting fixtures can even result in more sales and happier customers.

Some of the strategies to consider when planning the optimal LED lighting situation for a car dealership are:

  • Utilizing a mix of indirect and direct lighting
  • Choosing the right colors and intensities
  • Optimal use of the color rendering index and color temperatures


Being able to adapt

Flexible and adaptable lighting systems will also make the most of a showroom since cars are often moved around or replaced, changing the layout of the room.

Airis Design Panels. Choosing AIRIS LED lighting can make a car dealership more eye-catching and profitable.
An example of Airis Design Panels used in a retail store.

With the addition of our new Airis Skylight Design Panels, the showroom can truly become a showstopper. It can also serve as a unique and refreshing selling space for both customers and employees, making it a more pleasant purchasing experience. 

Choosing AIRIS LED lighting can make a car dealership more profitable and eye-catching. As an added benefit Airis LED lighting systems will help lower the energy consumption of a showroom and thereby creating more savings for the business. 



At Airis Energy, we offer a premium selection of lighting options for grocery stores and supermarkets, including our design panels. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with LED lighting for your business. 

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