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Reduce utility downtime with solar roof panels for commercial buildings—a reliable and efficient alternative energy source.

Cut Energy Costs Up to 100% From Day 1 with Commercial Solar Panels

Reduce utility downtime with durable, efficient, and reliable solar panels for commercial buildings.

Here’s why you should team up with Airis Energy for your commercial solar needs:

Ensure a seamless transition to new power for your business with the best solar panels for commercial use.

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Choose the Right Solar Panels for Commercial Use

Get tailor-fit commercial solar panel solutions for your business—engineered to the commercial property you own.

All Types of Systems

Whether you have a commercial building with a sloped roof or several standalone carports, you have the space to save on your energy bill.

Your tailor-made solar panel solution is available in sloped roof systems, flat roof systems, and ground mount systems.

If you have carports, solar carport solutions convert parking spaces into energy-saving opportunities.

$0 Upfront Investment

Worried about the cost of a new energy source? Go green with $0 upfront investment. And why stop there?

Reduce your carbon footprint and show the world that you’re part of the earth-friendly solution.

Lower Your Monthly Electric Bills

Start saving up to 100% on your electricity bill as soon as day 1 with commercial solar energy systems.

Worry-free renewable energy from Airis Solutions also means no maintenance-headaches—we maintain your solar panels for 20 years.

Unlock a New Revenue Stream

Did you know? Commercial solar systems are also a fantastic option for a new revenue stream known as net metering.

With net metering, you use your own generated energy, rather than what’s provided by the grid. You make money back for the energy you add to the grid—and that means a new revenue stream.

Keeping Solar Simple

Avoid juggling multiple suppliers or paying for additional third-party support. Contact us today, your one-stop shop for going solar.

More Than Lighting Solutions—We’re Commercial Solar Project Designers

Rely on Airis Energy for all stages of your solar project. From commercial panel installation to manufacturing and distribution, and even repair and maintenance—we cover it all.

Make going green good for your expense statement. Save thousands on commercial solar costs with competitive financing options, instant savings, and included maintenance.

You deserve superior products, services, and seamless operation from day one. Your project is coordinated every step of the way.

Commercial Solar Panels
commercial solar power.

Get More Value When You Switch to Commercial Solar Panels

Reducing the total system cost of ownership means more savings for your company. At Airis Energy, clients like you save at a ratio of 25-30% higher vs. other providers in the market.

Adopt our end-to-end solutions for solar panels for your commercial building, and save up to 100% on your power bill in your first months with us.

Find the right plans and specifications for the best solutions, all without overextending your cost of commercial solar panels. Our sales and technical teams support you every step of the way.


Energy savings as early as the first day after installing solar panels on commercial buildings.

Over 2,000

Completed across 40 countries.


Average turnaround time for a quote.

10+ Years

Product warranty period, accompanied by a 7-year period of full-service guarantee.

Immediate Access to In-House Financing

When you invest in solar panels for commercial spaces, return on investment (ROI) is at the top of your list. 

When you work with Airis, your ROI is almost immediate: Your power bills are reduced from day one. Your commercial solar panel cost takes care of itself.

Jump right into saving money with our in-house financing options. Energy savings easily exceed your monthly debt service.

Our Price Match Guarantee also ensures that you get the cost-effective solar solution you’ve been looking for. Save with solar, and make the switch today.

Commercial Solar Panels & Systems
Solar Panels for Commercial Use

Full Accountability For Products and Services

When you install solar panels on commercial buildings, you need to consider the load. Our sales team takes this and other factors into consideration before offering you a proposal.

To cover your needs, our studies include comprehensive lighting assessments, OSHA standards, and photometric designs.

Service doesn’t end at installation. Rest easy with maintenance and repair services from our in-house technicians, available within 72 hours of service request.

Your maintenance includes an assessment of the solar panels, the commercial property, as and the solar collection and storage systems. When you make the switch, solar panels save you time and energy on maintenance.

Partner with the Premier Energy Solutions Company

Find out why other industry leaders trust Airis Energy over the competitors.

When you choose Airis Energy, you reap the benefits of commercial solar by:

Accelerate your renewable energy ROI when you choose the best commercial solar panel systems.

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Make the Shift to Renewable Energy Without Breaking the Bank

Be part of the movement: Team up with Airis to go green. Contact us today and get a free solar energy assessment.

Want to Make the Switch to Renewable Energy? Need a Guide to Solar?

Don’t worry about the cost of commercial solar panel systems. Installation and maintenance are a breeze with Airis Energy as your trusted energy provider. Save money on power from day one.

Switch to renewable energy and save on some cost of owning a commercial building. Heat, cool, and power your space with a cost-effective, long-term solution with commercial solar power

Appropriate system sizing guarantees you get the most power for the space you have. 

Power your business into a better future. Get instant pricing today.


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Industry-standard-compliant commercial social panel systems are projected to last 25 to 30 years.

To meet significantly larger demands, commercial solar panels are generally larger in size and incorporate more solar cells per individual panel.

A solar panel collects energy from sunlight, which it then converts into electricity. This power can either be stored in solar batteries or directly used to power appliances and gadgets.

The U.S. government offers federal tax credits when you use solar power systems. You can claim 30% of the cost of the solar power system on your federal income taxes. 

The average commercial solar panel produces, on average, 350 watts. More sophisticated options can produce up to 520 watts. 

We make going solar easy!

Get a quote that includes pricing & system options, financing, annual savings, project visuals and more.