Establishments That Require the Best LED Lights

Establishments That Require the Best LED Lighting

In this post, we will cover two important lighting questions: when to use LED lights and which are some establishments that require quality lighting. Let’s start with the first question.

When To Use LED Lights

The best lighting an establishment can have is LED lighting.   Why is that? LED bulbs provide better light quality, amongst other great benefits that we are going to list below:

  • LED lights do not have polluting gases or contain mercury or lead
  • LED lighting can be more attractive, energy efficient, cost-effective and durable than traditional lighting
  • LED can improve the overall work environment, comfort and productivity in any business
  • LED lighting is currently the most efficient lighting technology on the market, with the ability to last over 20 years and cut energy costs by 75%
  • LED Lights use up to 90% less electricity, eventually saving businesses money on energy costs
  • Here’s a fun fact: With LED lights, energy consumption per kilowatt-hour is the lowest in the industry


Don’t believe us?

Check out this chart:

Clearly, opting for LED lighting is the best, most cost-effective and eco-friendly choice business owners can make. Dimly lit establishments that use LED lights are all the rage. Sure, some businesses can get away with low lit settings, depending on what type of ambiance is desired.

  • Restaurants are commonly known to have dim lighting but no one ever really minds. Besides, dim lighting sets the mood for a romantic dinner for two.





Establishments That Require the Best LED Lights

Other businesses, however, are doing themselves a disservice by not having the best lighting money can buy.

  • “In a commercial building filled with halogen bulbs, swapping out these bright but inefficient lights could see businesses reduce their lighting bills by a massive 90%”. Source:
  • LED lamps consume less power and produce more light than their traditional counterparts, translating into enormous savings for building owners.
  • Cosmetic stores are one example of establishments that MUST have great lighting. The phrase, “did she do her makeup in the dark” rings true if beauty establishments do not have strong lighting.
  • The same rule applies to optometrist offices, schools, hospitals, retail stores, supermarkets, factories, warehouses, and airports.



So, when it comes to your establishment, choosing Airis LED lighting solutions, means working with quality lighting by a market leader in energy reduction technology. In addition to being able to upgrade your halogen or traditional lighting to LED with $ zero investment, you get to enjoy a 5-year warranty that includes zero maintenance and replacement costs for you.

At Airis Energy, we offer a premium selection of lighting options for schools, hospitals, warehouses, grocery stores, and supermarkets, including our design panels.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with LED lighting for your business.  You can register here to read our Best Case Study, learn about our Airis Skylight design panels and get our latest blog posts directly in your inbox.

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