Should I repair or replace my roof before going solar?

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A solar array will last at least 25 years. It’s important that the roof underneath it be in good shape. If your roof is more than 10 years old, we recommend having it evaluated to determine its remaining lifespan. You may want to consider repairs or replacement before installing solar. In many cases, work to improve the structural capacity of your roof to withstand a solar installation can be rolled into the 30 percent federal tax credit. (Note: This only applies to structural upgrades, not re-roofing).  IRS code is vague on the exact scope of roof work that can be rolled into the federal tax credit. We suggest you consult with a tax expert on the specifics of your roof.

While we recommend completing all necessary roof work before installing solar, most installers are able to remove and re-install your panels at a later date (should you need to perform subsequent roof work).