Good Light starts with LED Bulbs

Have you ever walked into an establishment and noticed how dim the lighting was?

Often times, restaurants intentionally dim their lights for aesthetic reasons but what about a local grocery store? Or a hospital? Or a hotel?

These types of establishments always need good lighting, no matter what. 

Airis LEDAiris LED

Good Light starts with LED Bulbs

All of Airis Energy products are ISO 14001 Certified, meaning our bulbs are environmentally friendly. Through our entire process, we comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and other environmental requirements. We love this planet too.

Over the years, LED bulbs have proven to be the most affordable energy-saving bulbs that any home or establishment could have. With Airis Smart LED you’re getting and doing a world of good. 

Airis Smart LED is the most efficient lighting on the market. 


  • No toxic gases are needed to produce light. 
  • LED is the fastest developing lighting technology on the market today, with our bulbs lasting up to 75.000 hours compared to 8.000 hours for fluorescents. 
  • Airis Energy bulbs offer very efficient light, with very low lumen depreciation (30% in 75.000 hours).

Watch the short video below to see how Airis Smart LED can benefit your business.


A brighter future can only be achieved with Airis Smart LED.

Airis Energy Solutions is a single supply chain solution. We supply the lights and do all the installation. This means that our experts will help you find fixtures, temperatures, and all for your lighting project and you get to upgrade to LED with zero investment.

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