Making your parking lot safer and greener with Airis LED

Making your parking lot safer and greener with Airis LED

How often have you seen columns in parking garages full of car paint? Perhaps you yourself are a victim of a column that suddenly appeared closer than you first perceived. A better lighting system could save your parking garage from angry customers, and save your company money every day. parking


Making your parking lot safer

Many parking garages have soft CFL tubes that are controlled by motion sensors. Of course, this makes perfect sense from an economic point of view, but oftentimes this type of lighting system is slow to react when a car approaches which could result in the driver not being aware of obstacles close by. Parking lots and garages are built to be as space-efficient as possible, thereby making both the parking area and the driveways narrower than your average street. Throw in some large concrete columns and you have a dream come true for any nearby auto body repair shop owner.


Smart LED Lighting

With a smart LED lighting system in the parking lot or garage, any dark areas will be lit up instantly. The light will be at full capacity from the moment the sensor detects the moving car. The bright LED light also makes it safer for pedestrians in the garage, making them immediately fully visible. This gives peace of mind for both pedestrians and drivers, increasing the user experience and higher occupancy and profit.


Smart LEDs can also be dimmed at the exit so that the difference between indoor and outdoor lighting at night becomes less pronounced, and the eyes are quicker to adjust to the darker ambiance outdoors.

Even during the daytime, the bright LED light will help make entering and navigating the parking garage a lot more comfortable and safer for the driver. 


Making your parking lot greener

The parking garage operator can save huge amounts on replacing the old CFL system with a smart LED system. LED lights are not only brighter than the traditional CFLs, they also use a lot less electricity and have a longer life-span, resulting in significant savings for both the owner and the environment. When it comes to energy savings, we need to look at the electricity that is used for traditional lighting compared to LED lighting. For a typical CFL lamp, the average consumption is between 70 and 400 watts. If we look at the same range for a comparable LED light, the consumption is between 24 and 82 watts.


So, by switching to LEDs, you can save between 40% to 60% on the average energy consumption. From a cost point of view, switching to LEDs will save you up to $300 per device per year in electricity costs. No matter the size of your parking lot or garage, I think you will agree that the savings are significant.

With Airis you will also save on replacement costs, making for even larger total savings.

So, are you ready to contribute to energy savings for the environment, and money savings for your business by switching to LED?

At Airis Energy, we offer a premium selection of lighting options for grocery stores and supermarkets, including our design panels. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with LED lighting for your business. 

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