Office lighting: top benefits of LED in productivity

Top benefits of quality light in an office

There are several components to consider when it comes to managing your business and your employees’  performance. While many employers focus on things like ergonomics and the like, lighting is seldom taken into consideration, despite being one of the easiest ways to help keep employees motivated and increase their productivity.

In today’s post, we will emphasize the benefits of high-quality lighting in an office, including an explanation of what LED lighting is, and how you can team up with an energy solutions company to achieve your goals. 

What is LED lighting?

LED lighting produces light by directly converting electricity to light. In addition, it emits more lumens per watt than incandescent light bulbs, resulting in energy savings. If you want to learn more about the benefits of using LED bulbs not only for business but also for the environment, visit Upgrading from traditional light bulbs to LED lights will result in lower energy consumption, CO2 reductions, and a general improvement of the work environment in the workplace.  

Let’s see some of the top benefits that a workplace will enjoy by upgrading from fluorescent, halogen or metal halide lighting to high quality LED lighting.

Office productivity

On one hand, according to research, both dim and harsh lighting have an effect on productivity, making it decrease. Your office lighting could be the culprit of your employees’  headaches, eye strain, and migraines. Flickering caused by fluorescent lights causes eye strain while prolonged exposure to it will trigger symptoms of migraines.  Other effects include the neck, shoulder, back pain and injuries from tripping and falling and dropping equipment and materials. On the other hand, we have LED lighting that has proven to resemble natural light, therefore having a positive effect on work performance and health.


The circadian rhythm

Newly discovered benefits of LED lighting on our health include a recent study done by NASA showing how quality LED lighting designed with circadian rhythms in mind suppresses melatonin. This can result in better management of circadian rhythms in the human body and a decrease in the risk of sleep disorders such as sleep deprivation and insomnia.  A study found that office workers exposed to circadian lighting performed 10 to 25% better than those exposed to traditional lighting. 





In addition, other benefits of AIRIS LED include:

  • Better light quality – no infrared, no ultraviolet, and no flickering.
  • Eco-friendly –  LED lights contain no polluting gases, no mercury and are lead-free.
  • CO2 Reduction – An LED light has carbon emissions of  514 lbs of CO2 per year, this is rather low compared to the emissions of incandescent bulbs (4405 lbs/year).
  • Use up to 90% less electricity
  • 60%-90% less heat emissionLED lights have lower heat output, and as a result, your office will stay cooler, you will save on AC, and also lower the risk of a fire.
  • 75,000 hours –  LED lights will last a total of 75.000 hours, compared to incandescent bulbs which last only 1,000 hours and compact fluorescent bulbs which last 8.000 hours.  

Lower CO2, increase energy efficiency and enjoy zero maintenance & replacement costs.   Sounds too good to be true? 

At Airis Energy Solutions we offer a self-pay model so that you can upgrade to LED lighting in your business with $0 investment and enjoy all these benefits. 

How does it work?

When we install our products, it will bring your electricity bill down, this saving is utilized to return our investment. As prices rise, Airis fee will reduce, giving you the guarantee of fixed energy costs.

Airis Energy Solutions is a single supply chain solution. We supply the lights and do all the installation. This means that our experts will help you find fixtures, temperature, and all for your lighting project.

At  Airis Energy Solutions we will find the best-LED lighting solutions for your office so that you can enjoy a pleasant working atmosphere while increasing your employees’ moods and productivity.


light for the office


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