Top 8 reasons why LED lights are a good choice for the environment

Are you concerned about the negative impact businesses and households have on the planet and our environment? In this blog post, we will look at some of the benefits of LED lights compared to traditional incandescent and CFL lights.

1. A significant reduction in electricity consumption

Lowering a business’ daily expenses is something that every business owner is more than willing to look at. Switching from traditional lighting systems to LED is one way of doing that. And this also adds a significant benefit to the environment. Reducing energy consumption also reduces the need to produce energy, which in many cases is done through the burning of coal. Burning coal is probably the most recognizable polluter when it comes to energy production. Other methods include routing rivers and waterfalls through tubes making for a visual environmental pollutant. Our LED light options are well worth considering. 


2. It generates less heat.

LED light generates a lot less heat than traditional light, especially when it comes to display-lights like halogen. In order to combat the heat radiating from halogen and incandescent lamps, you may need to crank up the air conditioning, increasing the energy consumption even more. The halogen lamps need to burn the tungsten filament at around 482℉ (250℃) for it to produce light. LED light radiates very little heat and is extremely efficient converting electricity into light.


3. Last a very long time, typically 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

How often do you find yourself having to change the light bulbs or tubes in your building? Every year? Several times per year? What if you could spend time on more important areas of your business than being annoyed by the flickering display lights, or office lights? Switching to LED eliminates any flickering light, and you do not need to call the janitor or look for the step ladder every month, the lights just last and last. And with Airis Energy you do not even need to worry about the maintenance cost.

Longer lifespan also means less waste, a lot less waste.


4. Virtually indestructible. It generates less waste/recycling necessity.

How often have you managed to bump into a light bulb or a tube and had tiny glass shards and fine powder rain all over you, getting stuck in your hair, your suit or your sweater? What about halogen lamps that suddenly explode from the heat. In most cases, they were dropped on the floor before being mounted. An LED light is virtually indestructible and will eliminate these horrifying scenarios. It is definitely a safer option for any work environment.


5. Do not contain mercury or other hazardous materials

Unlike other light sources LED does not contain mercury or other hazardous materials. This makes them a more environmentally friendly option when the time comes to replace the light source. LEDs can easily be reclaimed for most of the parts in an environmentally safe way.

6. No noise

Yes, we are aware that this is directed more towards the office environment, but we also consider the work environment an important part of our lives, so here we go. Imagine yourself working on just the right wording for that important report you need to hand in tomorrow and just above your desk is a tube light emitting an annoying, high-pitched buzzing sound. Are you able to concentrate on your all-important report now? In addition to providing a perfect work light, LEDs are also noiseless, ridding you of that awful, annoying buzzing sound and leaving you to concentrate on writing the perfect report for your board meeting. LEDs will also benefit other quiet, low-noise rooms for work and study, such as libraries, and schools and universities.


7. Do not draw insects and bugs towards them

Granted, this is more with regards to aesthetic pollution, but can still be important for both customers and employees. LEDs have been proven to emit a light spectrum that does not entice insects and bugs to gather around them. For restaurants and other businesses serving food and drinks both indoors and outdoors, avoiding attracting hordes of annoying bugs and insects, and instead, attracting more customers will be great for business.


8. Smaller carbon footprint

Based on many of the points above, boasting a smaller carbon footprint can also help boost your business. Customers are more and more looking for companies with a conscious and clear focus on being environmentally friendly, not only with regards to products and services offered but also how the companies respond to the environmental challenges. And in any case, a smaller carbon footprint is always good news for the planet and the environment.


Which reasons are more important to you and your business?


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